IBe’ Arts- A Portfolio

IBe’ uses a variety of materials ranging from raw cotton, reclaimed marble, pancake boxes, quilting materials, and found objects.

IBe’ creates visual representations of narratives that she has researched and written, or imagines and constructs.

IBe’ Arts Institute is the center for the study of IBe’ Arts , Crawley Family Jewels, and friends.

Books are art?

The book arts format engages the narrative as a tactile 3 dimensional object.

In the artist book Delia Posey of Mount Vernon, IBe’ Crawley narratives the events that occur in the life of a child whose father Hercules Posey has escaped enslavement on George and Martha Washington’s plantation. The book is constructed of handmade paper, letter pressed and screen printed during the VisArts Richmond Virginia Access Residency.

The artist book 11033 was published in an edition of 52 handmade books. Copies exist in the Rare Books and Special Manuscript collections at The State Library of Virginia, The United States Library of Congress, The New York City Public Library, The British Library in London, and many other institutions and collectors across the country.  

Sculpture Artist

As a sculpture working in a variety of materials, IBe’ builds monuments. Some are made of stone, wood, clay or copper. Others are stitched with fiber, paper, and rubber.

Southern dwellings, found object constructions, and studios in which to create are all products of IBe’ Crawley.

Stitching Stories

Stitching stories, collage and carving visual representations are a few creative techniques. Mixing materials to create abstract images is one way that IBe’ tells a story.

Collage and mixing materials to create abstract images.

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