IBe’ Arts


An art space dedicated to visual and oral storytelling.

Our mission is to preserve and document stories.

We invite you to visit our new location at Citi Pointe in Hopewell, Virginia. We renovated an 1830 school building.

Our exhibition hall, art studio and residency space are available to individuals and groups by appointment.

Allow IBe’ Crawley to assist you in planning a preservation project. .

Sculpture and Book Arts

“We are legacy builders,”

IBe’ Crawley.

Book arts

Books are art? Narratives are the stories told with pictures and words.

IBe’ Crawley researches and present stories in book formats.

You can collect IBe’ Crawley’s books, use them in classrooms, or give them as gifts.

Handmade Materials

Material Constructions

IBe’ Crawley makes paper, adds historical research and publishes in small editions.

Some stories are about children in early America and others are about social justice issues such as the Civil Rights Movement and George Floyd.

Representational Sculpture

Legacy Builders

Sculpture is another art form that tells a story. The black female body is imprinted with story.

IBe’ Crawley carves, constructs, and assembles individual and group forms to preserve untold stories.

Documenting American Experiences

Legacy Projects

We Research

We map events, images, and relationships.

We Teach

We facilitate discovery learning and critical analysis.

We Document

Stories for Preservation.

Visual and Oral Storytelling

Why You’ll Love IBe’ Arts

IBe’ Crawley, a creative artist and educator, is committed to preserving memories .

Words that describe IBe’ Crawley

  • Inquisitive
  • Ethical
  • Engaging
  • Seasoned
  • Connected

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