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Our Storytelling organization can help you tell your story.

We have 30 years of educating through the art of visualizing the beginning, middle, and end. Invite us to your stage, school, classroom, boardroom, living room and on-line.

We design storytelling programs. We meet individual and group storytelling needs, preserve legacies, and promote wellness.


What We Do

“We document stories for legacy building,”

IBe’ Crawley.

IBe's: Summary
What is IBe’Arts?

In our Legacy Building projects, we narrate your story.

We research and present stories in the humanities to schools, colleges, churches, community, business and museum groups.

We produce creative films, performances and exhibits. IBe’ Arts Education documents storytelling.

Consultation Services

School consultations improve student achievement using Data Driven Stories.

Data Driven Stories support school branding and teaching.

Our oral presentations are perfect for a ‘Keynote Address’, lecture, exhibit, professional development or conference.

BASH! Blog

IBe’ Arts is an education resource platform. BASH! We support parents and teachers, as they work to educate students individually and in small digital groups. Read our BASH Blog, listed in the Menu.

Wellness Education

The Art of Wellness supports all ages.

We support senior memory care through individual and group storytelling, poetry and music. We interview, video record, and preserve senior’s stories.

Create family legacy projects. Use photographic images or record voice overs, video tape live conversations that become family heirlooms and so much more.

Documenting The American Experience

Legacy Projects

We Research

We map events, images, and relationships.

We Teach

We facilitate discovery learning and critical analysis.

We Document

Survey and Analyze Data for Preservation.

Our Story

Is Why You’ll Love IBe’ Arts

We are IBe’ and Aldric Crawley. We are creative partners; we are well educated, professional, and committed to learning about our diverse communities- young and old, to preserve our memories .

Words that describe our journey

  • Inquisitive
  • Ethical
  • Engaging
  • Seasoned
  • Connected


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